The most important information to know before traveling to Turkey 020

Turkey is one of the most important tourist countries that have been famous recently for its scenic landscapes, its development and its high-end tourist services and entertainment, which has become today the destination of many lovers of travel, travel and photography across the world and these are the most important tips for you if you are coming to visit this country Wonderful and amazing all the sights and attractions.

  •  Turkey provides all tourists coming from all over the world a tourist visa up to 3 months and the value of $ 60 and can be extracted easily and easily from the official website of the Turkish tourism.

  •  You must dear brother in the first time to go with a travel agent or a friend has knowledge of all means of public transport and different to avoid taxis because they are a bit expensive and high.

  •  If you choose to stay in a 5-star hotel, this will provide you with a room ready and air-conditioned with a bathroom in addition to meals. .

  •  You should also learn the most important terms of the Turkish language, this will greatly facilitate your trip and you know that the Turkish people are very friendly and nice in dealing with tourists, especially Arabs.

  • With regard to currency, the conversion from the US dollar or the euro to the Turkish lira is very easy and can be done through the exchange offices or ATMs scattered in all regions of Turkey.

  •  If you are going to make many local and international calls inside Turkey you have to buy a Turkish sim card because it is considered a bit economic.

  •  You should know that the people of the Turkish countryside still maintain their customs and modesty, unlike the civilian population who are very open.

  •  As for the weather in Turkey, it is hot in summer, especially in the months of July to August, but in the winter from November to March it is very cold and rainy.

  •  Taps in Turkey are generally potable, but it is best to buy bottled mineral water because the taps may not appeal to you for sanitation.

  •  Turkey is one of the safest and safest countries in the world, but sometimes robberies may occur in the big cities so be careful and leave your valuables in the hotel when you go out at night.

  •  You can visit all the archaeological sites in Turkey daily from 09:00 until 17:00.

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