10 pieces don't forget when preparing summer vacation luggage

In this article we will get the most prominent fashion and clothing that you will need during your vacation this year and help you spend a fun and exciting time. Here are the most important things you need to buy during the marketing tour to prepare for a vacation:

Jump Suit

Jumpsuit comes as one of the best wonderful clothes that you can wear during your summer vacation, because of the comfort it provides and the elegant shape that fits with the summer looks, and many brands such as Faithfull succeeded in launching a large assortment of designs Jumpsuit designs, which are the most prominent The jumpsuit in the style of the sixties colors, which gives a wonderful aesthetic touch, which made the jumpsuit a necessity among the elegance group in the summer of 2019, after it proved a great success in the summer of last year.


If we talk about the summer, of course, it comes to our minds at first sight, the beaches with the beauty of its turquoise waters and fine sand. Swimwear between swimsuits is the two pieces of different shapes, and the one piece that covers most parts of the body is best in the case of exposure directly to the sun.


The Saint Laurent Fashion House is one of the best brands that have been creative in the designs of summer dresses, which are characterized by cheerful colors, elegant designs and wonderful fabric prints, as well as light fabrics of linen and other materials that suit the nature of the summer, and can wear some white or wooden accessories with it Stylish summer colors.

Cotton shorts

Shorts and shorts are essential in the summer wardrobe, and Jesse Bush's fashion house has been creative in its cotton shorts designs in pink, chestnut and pastel colors, and shows its beauty and elegance while wearing large white shirts to add elegance.

Basket bags

The basket bags made from nature components represent the official bag of the summer, and I created the role of fashion in the designs of basket bags this year, which are studded with shells, jewelry and gemstones.

Canvas sandals

Complete your summer look with sandals, and sandals made of fabric came this year as a trend for the summer of 2019, and fabrics made of cotton or linen are among the best materials that make sandals that give a comfortable feel during walking, especially during the night outings after a day full of beach activities throughout the day.

The skirts

Short and long skirts come as one of the best styles of fashion that you can wear during the summer vacation, especially with wearing a blouse or white shirts tied from the waist, and the designs of skirts for this summer vary between wide and short and light fabrics, and they are distinguished by their wonderful summer colors such as turquoise and cashmere.


Anklets occupy a great place in the wonderful accessories that complement your look with attractive summer clothes, and this year's designs show a kind of simplicity, elegance and elegance when wearing them, so don't miss them during your shopping tour.

Olfactory glasses

The Dior brand has kept a large assortment of stylish sunglasses that you don’t wear during your summer vacation at the beach, as it gives an attractive and wonderful look, and it also protects your eyes from direct sunlight.


The large circular hats are one of the most important summer accessories, and the most amazing especially with the wearing of dresses, skirts and trousers, and it gives you the freedom to move during the period of the emergence of the sun heavily.

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