6 things you should know before traveling to Australia 2020

traveling to Australia

Australia occupies a distinguished place among the best countries in the world for travel in the new year, and not only that, but it is also one of the cheapest destinations in 2016, so why not make it among your priorities during your next vacation, especially with the real opportunities it has to enjoy, but Before you travel, get to know these things to ensure the perfect hassle-free vacation.

1. Australia is huge and very diverse

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by area, with 7,617,930 square kilometers of land occupied, and it is more than the size of all European Union countries. However it has the lowest population density in the world at an average of 2.6 people / km.

Australia is also the smallest continent in the world, and the largest island in the world, so you should know that discovering Australian cities needs you some time, for example a trip from Sydney to Melbourne takes at least 9 hours by car.

traveling to Australia

2. When is the best time for tourism?

The best time to travel to Australia depends precisely on what part of the country you will travel to, and you must remember that Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere.

You should know that the southern part of the country, such as Sydney and Melbourne, is usually more popular during the summer months from December and January to February, so it will be more crowded and more expensive. Then you can go in October and November, March or April to avoid crowds and save money, and don't worry, the temperatures in those months will still be nice.

If you are planning a trip to the northern region of Queensland, you can go in the winter months of June, July or August. Winter is also a good time to visit hot desert areas, such as Uluru.

traveling to Australia

3. Australia has the largest coral reef area in the world

The Great Coral Reef is located near the state of Queensland in northern Australia and extends for a distance of 2300 km, and is considered the largest natural reef on the face of the globe, and includes more than 350 types of coral, as the age of the upper layers of the reef near the sea surface or from its current level or near about 125,000 Year.

4. Language

The official language in Australia is English. However, being a multicultural nation with a large immigrant population, with a huge variety of languages and cultures, in general you will not find much problem in daily dealings during your transfers in the country.

traveling to Australia

5. Transfers

Thanks to the sheer size of Australia, the fastest way to travel around the country will be by air. Australia has a number of airlines that offer affordable discount on domestic flights, including Jetstar.

You can also move from city to city by bus if the destination is relatively close. The train is also a good and comfortable option for travel with the possibility of discovering the Australian landscape.

traveling to Australia

6. Residence

Due to the high prices of accommodation in Australian hotels, you can stay in the hostel, and contrary to popular belief, the hostel is not only for young people, but rather comfortable places with private rooms and toilets, and if you do not mind, it can be a cheap alternative that saves you more cash.

And if you are traveling with family, or with friends, there are plenty of affordable accommodation options throughout Australia with places ranging from rooms in the homes of locals, to beautiful groups suitable for groups that you can reach via Airbnb.

The cost of residence varies from state to state and city to city, and varies according to the type of residence.

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