The best Istanbul hotels to recommend during your tourism in Turkey

Istanbul is the most beautiful tourism city in Turkey that includes hundreds of apartments and hotels in Turkey, which vary and vary according to their classification, location, level of service and also their prices. Perhaps the task of choosing the right hotel for tourists is somewhat difficult.

For those wishing to travel to Turkey and looking for suitable hotels for them in Istanbul, the group of the best Istanbul hotels that suit the Arab traveler to Istanbul, the hotels that we show you are the best Istanbul hotels 5-star hotels and 4-star hotels we have chosen for you to view and choose from them that suit you from the best hotels in Istanbul and Taksim For the year 2020.

Sultanahmet hotels

Sultan Ahmed is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul, as it contains many historical and tourist attractions such as mosques, churches, museums, gardens and restaurants. The most famous of these monuments are the Sultan Ahmed Mosque “Blue Mosque” and the Grand Bazaar.

So many Istanbul tourists may want to live in the hotels of Istanbul, Istanbul, Sultan Ahmed. We have made a group that includes the best hotels in the tried and tested Sultan Ahmed area.

The Marmara Taksim Istanbul Hotel

Among the best hotels in Istanbul that provide the best services to guests, reception and delivery from the airport also, and also breakfast. There is also free Wi-Fi in the Marmara Hotel, as well as its convenient location as it is located in Taksim directly in front of the square and from hotels overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

Golden Horn Istanbul Hotel

One of the best 4-star Istanbul hotel in Istanbul, the hotel offers luxurious air-conditioned, soundproofed rooms and various facilities that add more luxury to the stay, such as swimming pools and fitness centers. The hotel enjoys a great location close to the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, a 5-minute walk from Hagia Sophia.

Galata Istanbul Hotel

The hotel is a luxury 3-star Istanbul hotel, offering comfortable rooms with modern designs and decor in modern colors. It also offers many facilities that add luxury to the stay, such as swimming pools. The hotel is 800 meters from Hagia Sophia Museum and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is 47.9 km from the hotel.

Viva Deluxe Hotel Istanbul

Viva Deluxe Hotel is the ideal choice for those who want to stay in the Sirkeci area at a reasonable cost, as it provides comfortable rooms and a bundle of necessary services, therefore the hotel is one of the most important hotels of Sirkeci Istanbul. It is 20.7 km from Ataturk International Airport, and 350 km from the Islamic Science and Technology Museum.

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