Things you should know before traveling to the Maldives 2020

If you dream of a diversified destination that meets all your requirements and needs, head to the wonderful Malif Islands, which are in fact one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, where the unspoiled nature, picturesque beaches, and unparalleled relaxation opportunities. Before traveling, find out a set of tips that will help you a lot during that trip Interesting when traveling to the Maldives.

Things you should know before traveling to the Maldives

Save money when traveling to the Maldives

You can travel here between April and September away from the peak season, if you are looking for savings, yes, there may be rain, but it will certainly not last throughout your trip, and one of my travel bloggers says, “I would like to say that some of the travel experiences that Do not forget to involve swimming in the Indian Ocean during heavy rains. Knowing that traveling during this period of the year will not cost you much, especially since the prices will actually decrease by almost half compared to the high season, especially when it comes to accommodation.

Electronic contact .. confirm beforehand

  The Maldives is ideal for those who want to give up their daily routine and live the experience of a trip without an electronic connection, but sometimes tourists have to get online for many reasons, even during their trip. Here you must ask in advance about internet connection services at the selected resort, as some of these resorts offer this service for free, and you have to pay for it. You should know that in some resorts, the price of getting an Internet hour is $ 10, and even all of the internet packages are expensive. Make sure you want peace of mind that Wi-Fi is available throughout the resort, even in the rooms.

Navigation method

Most international flights depart for Male, the capital of the Maldives. From there you can either take a speedboat or a sea plane to get to where you want, but before anything, you always have to know the available prices and determine according to which means best suited to you, and despite the high costs of the sea plane significantly, but it is one of those Unforgettable experiences in the Maldives.

And if you are looking to save money, you can stay on the islands near Male that can be reached by speedboat, including Kuramathi Island, which is a wonderful island with different options to suit all budgets due to its large size, and is only 90 minutes by boat away From the capital, which makes it an ideal choice for many travelers.

Avoid surprises

 Advice that works not only for the Maldives, but for many destinations. In the event that your travel budget is not open, be sure to pay your bill in the middle of the trip, for example, so as not to be surprised by a high bill from the resort before its end. You will know your expenses and how much money you have for the rest of your trip.

Flight delay 

There are often delays in the arrival times for the airport in order to take your flight on the way home because you have to go through two or three resorts before arriving at the airport because of the transportation policy. There may be a delay of two hours or more. So, to avoid problems, ask about the airline’s policies that you fly with and flight delay insurance so your money is not lost.


For weather To avoid disappointments, you should know that the weather pattern in the Maldives is not as simple as you see it often. The dry season can sometimes carry some rain, with a lull in the sky! The climate may vary greatly from one beach area to another on land, which covers an area of 850 km from north to south.

Islamic Maldives

What makes travel to the Maldives more ideal is that they are Islamic, which means that you will feel comfortable and easy to communicate with the locals and employees of different resorts and hotels, as well as shops and markets.

Varied wildlife

The Maldives has a vastly diverse marine life, as the southern South Atoll is known for the presence of whale sharks, which makes it one of the best locations to see in the world. There is also a great opportunity in some active spots to see dolphins around this area as well, in addition to opportunities to see turtles Marine, colorful fish, and assorted coral reefs.

Avoid staying many days in the Maldives

 The Maldives is perfect for a short stay, so staying for a week here is quite enough to do all the fun activities you wish to do, so don't overdo the holiday.

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