Tips and information you should know before traveling to the Czech Republic

Travel advice to the Czech Republic, where the picturesque nature and the most beautiful tourist places, it deserves to be called the "jewel" of the West, due to its wonderful atmosphere and cities of beauty, on top of which "Prague" which was taken as its capital, and its picturesque aspects make it the front of tourists.

As the fifth most visited Republic in Europe, the Czech Republic has received the most visitors compared to Amsterdam, Milan and Barcelona. It seems that the increasing number of travelers cannot be stopped, so here are some helpful tips to keep in mind for your next trip before traveling to the Czech Republic this year.

Your stay in the Czech Republic and find out the cheapest hotel rates

Travel advice to the Czech Republic, recommends that you choose the hotel that suits your financial capabilities, and reassure average hotel prices in the Czech Republic and be very low during the winter and vice versa in the summer, and we advise you to stay away from the hotels in the capital "Prague", where the high cost, as for the hotels located away from the center The city is characterized by its average prices and it is preferred to book before traveling to the Czech Republic, Grandeur Hotel, and is 2 km away from the Charles Bridge and offers excellent hotel services, as well as the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel or the Hilton Prague Hotel, located near the most beautiful sights in the old town.

How to get around in the Czech Republic..the best and cheapest means of transportation

Travel advice to the Czech Republic, recommends that you rely on hiking to enjoy the beauty of nature and the distinctive tourist places. The high cost and greed of drivers.

Be sure to get a transport ticket first thing After arriving in the Czech Republic, a one-day ticket allows you to switch between the entire public transport system an unlimited number of times. Most buses, trams and metros are open 24 hours, however visitors must still be prepared to bring a pair of comfortable shoes so the best way to discover the Czechs is undoubtedly on foot. When traveling to the Czech Republic, women should be advised to cut the heels they find difficult to walk with, with lots of cobbled streets and highways to explore, so you will need comfortable shoes even during the night.

The Czech Republic is a safe country, but theft is widespread, so keep your wallet and stay away from crowded places, and do not ride the metro or tram at peak times.

The Czech Republic is a country that respects the law, so keep your passport and carry a copy with you and leave another one at the hotel where you live.

- You will need to convert your money into the Czech currency “krone” so check the exchange rate on the Internet to avoid fraud and paying taxes at the exchange centers.

You are fortunate to be in Czech Republic, where the beautiful nature and the people of the Czech Republic are friendly and welcoming, and they offer you help free of charge.

Don't miss coffee with the cafes surrounding Prague Castle to complement the magic of nature and beautiful views of the city.

- Get more rest and relaxation in the magnificent Prague Gardens.

Take a tour of the "Charlo Bridge", which is the most famous place in the Czech capital, and enjoy the magic of nature and the wonderful view of the sunset.

- Get food at a lower cost than Prague street vendors and have your favorite drink in popular cafes in Prague's Old Town.

- Get more luxury and pleasure by visiting the dancing house in Prague, which was built according to a high-level architectural style.

- Your itinerary should include visiting the city's castle, the Golden Lan area, touring the shops there and getting souvenirs at low prices.

Enjoy seeing the enchanting sunset scene during a Nile cruise along the Vltava River, which is considered the largest river in the Czech Republic.

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