Tips before traveling to Thailand 2020

Who does not dream of traveling to Thailand? Through the following report we will talk about the advice of Thailand, those beautiful countries that are undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia that attract travelers from all over the world, and perhaps the success of Thailand can be attributed to the fact that in this country everyone can find wishful thinking, Including beautiful white sand beaches, stunning islands as well as lush rainforests with amazing wildlife.

Each tourist destination has its own characteristics and particularity in Asia, where customs differ greatly from us. Thailand is an important destination in tourism. But what advice do you need to know before traveling to Thailand?

advice do you need to know before traveling to Thailand?

  • Language: Thai. You always find English speaking in tourist areas
  • Currency: Baht (Baht)
  • ATMs ATMs can be found everywhere, and there is a fee of 150 B for overseas receipt. Visa and Mastercard cards are accepted in luxury places and hotels
  • Visa if you arrive by plane. Check with the Thai embassy in your country to see if you deserve a visa. In the next paragraph, you will find Arab countries that do not need a visa to enter the country
  • Phones: Phones in Thailand operate over a GSM network with a cheap prepaid SIM card. You can buy them at the airport, but they are a little expensive compared to other stores
  • Transportation and roads: Thailand has an extensive bus network and affordable rates. Cheap air connections for domestic flight. Renting cars and motorcycles is easy
  • Time: The time zone in Thailand is seven hours before GMT and four hours before Mecca

Vaccines and medicines in Thailand

It is very important to keep in mind that the incidence of dengue fever is very high in many areas of Thailand, even in the capital also there are a number of people who become infected, so always use mosquito repellent, especially in times of sunset and sunrise, when dengue mosquitoes become He is the most active.

There is no mandatory vaccine to enter Thailand, however it is advisable to consult a doctor about this, as doctors will provide you with all the necessary information.

Thailand travel insurance

In Thailand, just as it is everywhere in Southeast Asia, it is very important that you have good travel insurance, because it is likely that God will not be exposed to any misfortune such as theft or illness when traveling to Thailand.

Theft and fraud

Attention should be paid to personal effects. So always close the hotel room well and always carry the most important valuables (passport, cash and credit cards) with you and do not leave it in the bag when moving or traveling. Hotel safes are not necessarily safe and this depends on the hotel.

When paying by credit card, the seller must always withdraw the card directly in front of the customer from the device. In order not to use the card more than once. Sometimes direct debts to banks are recovered at a later time. But the trouble of reporting to the bank and going after it will disturb your journey. For example, customers may not be able to understand whether or not one amount has been raised multiple times by the same merchant.

Forgery in tourism agencies

Some travel agencies disguise themselves as the representative of the State Tourism Authority (TAT). They even provide employees with fake TAT badges or hang big body signs to attract travelers to their offices. There bus, train and currency tickets are sold. Important: Official TAT agencies do not reserve hotel rooms or transport! Consequently, the providers of these services are always commercial travel agents and not government tourism information offices.

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