Tips to spend an enjoyable tourist trip in Turkey at the cheapest costs 2020

Tips to spend an enjoyable tourist trip in Turkey at the cheapest costs 2020

Turkey is a resort of beauty, nature and history and a major choice for many tourists in the world, but how much will it cost you to travel to Turkey? It is a question that everyone poses when planning to visit a country for the first time. In this article, we will try to summarize the most important tips that you should address, to spend an integrated tourism trip that suits your budget in this beautiful country.

  • The beginning of my dear friend, you should know that choosing the right time to travel plays an important role in reducing your budget, for example try to avoid tourism on weekends or official holidays, as the most famous high tourist season in Turkey is from July to September, where Hotels and tourist companies raise their prices to the maximum extent possible.

  • Also, searching for an airline ticket at a reasonable price requires you to pre-plan, if you know your tourist destination and specify the time that you will travel well, and there is no possibility to change that, I advise you to book the ticket as early as possible because it is twice twice cheaper.

  • If you are looking for tourism for a specific period, such as a week or two, for example, I advise you to rent a self-catering apartment to reduce the cost of your trip to Turkey.

  • As for your travel and travel between Turkish cities, we advise you to follow the promotional offers offered by domestic airlines, which are low-cost, and compare the prices of flights provided from them to choose the most appropriate, and the best Turkish domestic airlines are: Pegasus Airlines, Onur Airlines, Atlasjet and Sun Express.

  • And to reduce food and drink expenses, you should stay away from those tourist restaurants that are mostly located in areas that witness a high tourist demand, where the value of their rent is very high, and the restaurant compensates for this by offering high-priced food menus, you can of course replace them with local Turkish restaurants and be simple restaurants, It offers traditional Turkish dishes including different types of meat, vegetables and salads at very low prices.

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