What do you know about the Czechs ???

What do you know about the Czechs ???

Officially, the Czech Republic is a country located in central Europe. It was formed along with Slovakia between 1918-1939 and 1945-1992 Czechoslovak Republic. It is bordered to the north by Poland and Germany, to the east by Slovakia, to the south by Austria, to the west by Germany again, and is also an internal country and Have any outlets on the sea.

Tourism in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has become one of the most beautiful and most important European tourist countries, where it blends in the beauty of charming nature in addition to the presence of many ancient monuments. Also, many couples prefer to spend their honeymoon vacation and shopping, as the prices are affordable compared to the surrounding European countries. Here is a detailed report on tourism in the Czech Republic with pictures ...

It also has a lot of luxury hotels that work to comfort travelers and provide them with all the amenities and entertainment. Although it has no coastline, many rivers run on its soil, and for this reason, the landscape has a magnificence. It is also famous for its medical tourism due to the presence of some of its hot springs.

Information about the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has an area of about 78,866 square kilometers and is divided into 3 historical sections: Moravia, Bohemia and Silesia. It is one of the oldest European cities. As for the international borders, it is bordered to the south by Austria, to the north by the State of Poland, to the east by Slovakia, and to the west by the State of Germany. The majority of the population is of Czech origin and the official language is Czech.

Obtaining the visa

Before traveling and tourism in the Czech Republic, you must have a tourist visa in the Czech Republic, that is, the Schengen visa. It is one of the European countries that implement this system for entry of non-Czech citizens. You should check with the embassy of the Czech Republic in your country to make sure of all the required documents. Often the papers will be a passport that is valid for six months, hotel reservations, and flight reservations, as well as a bank statement containing some financial movements. Dear traveler, you should check whether the visa is only one trip or multiple trips.

Transportation in the Czech Republic

Be sure to get a transport ticket first thing After arriving in the Czech Republic, a one-day ticket allows you to switch between the entire public transport system an unlimited number of times. Most buses, trams and metros are open 24 hours, however visitors must still be prepared to bring a pair of comfortable shoes so there is no doubt that the best way to discover the Czech Republic is on foot. When traveling to the Czech Republic, women should be advised to cut the heels they find difficult to walk with, with lots of cobbled streets and highways to explore, you will need comfortable shoes even during the night.

One last important tip: Do not ride taxis on the street unless you see a company name and a phone number printed on the side and this is usually a good indicator that you can trust to ensure the highest degree of safety and security.

The rate of crime and violence is very low in the Czech Republic, and it is completely safe for someone to walk alone late at night as long as you are aware of the basic safety rules. In the Czech Republic you will not really want to sleep and you will find people wandering around after midnight, regardless of the cold. However, you should not lower your defenses completely, so always be careful while you are in public.

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