8 Important advices before starting your trip to Malaysia 2020

Malaysia is one of the countries with diverse cultures, as the Malaysian people are among the peoples that consist of different strains and races, the indigenous people are Malay and they constitute only 60%, and the rest are immigrants from southern China and India, and they constitute the largest proportion after the indigenous population, and immigrants From other countries and ethnicities, each race maintains its own culture and customs.

Malaysia is characterized by a tropical climate that makes it suitable for the holidays throughout the year, its climate is wet most of the year, and its weather is permanently moderate and it rains continuously, but it is intermittent and not heavy, and we advise you to visit it in the months of October and April where the intensity of the rains decreases.

Before starting your tourist trip, we recommend following these tips:

1. If you intend to move between the cities of Malaysia, or depart from it to any other country from its neighbors such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea, you should choose to travel by plane, yes by plane, because its cost is not as high as you think, especially AirAsia lines connecting Southeast Asia, even You can have breakfast in Georgetown, lunch in Kuala Lumpur and dinner in Borneo on the same day without getting tired.

2. Beware of moving around Kuala Lumpur by taxi, because most drivers do not operate the taximeter, and so in the end you will pay much more than the value of your real trip.

3. Keep the card distributed before landing the plane after filling in your details, as the passport auditor takes half of it on your arrival, and the other is asked of you upon departure.

4. Do not neglect the coins as they are useful and may be a good amount, and beware of money changers, and it is better to spend the currency in an official place or in the bank.

5. Milo is the most popular drink you will find when traveling to Malaysia, and it is served almost in all restaurants and cafes, even in fast food restaurants, so you should definitely try it, which is a cocoa drink mixed with some crushed grains, which is very similar to a chocolate drink Iced or iced coffee, and dates back to the period of the fifties of the last century, so be sure to try it at least once during your visit to Malaysia.

6. Do not worry about halal food in Malaysia, as it is famous as the first country in the world to provide food suitable for Muslims even in breakfast meals, and therefore it is rare to find a restaurant that does not serve halal meals or only provides forbidden meat for Muslims to eat it.

7. Some take advantage of children to sell the Holy Qur’an and religious supplications, and sometimes someone comes to offer you goods in secret, and he tries to delude you that they are very expensive and he wants to sell them for less than half of their price, so you do not fall victim to them because they are fraudsters trying to catch you.

8. Do not interact with people who offer you services on the road, such as finding a hotel or something else, and do not interact with the friendly conversations that some people do in the streets, or accept an invitation from one of them for home, be aware of that.

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