Tourists do not trust hotels (canceling 90% of reservations in Italy due to the spread of Corona virus)

The Italian agency ANSA said that cancelations of tourism reservations to Italy are continuing, reaching 90% in March due to the spread of Corona virus, according to the Italian Tourism Sector Authority.

The agency noted that reservations decreased by 60% for the month of April and June, according to the Tourism Authority in Italy, for fear of infection with the Corona virus, which warns of negative repercussions on the Italian economy in the coming period.

Medical sources in Italy confirmed that there are more than 400 people infected with Coronavirus around the country, and that among the provinces, Lombardy occupies the first place in the number of infections with 258 people, adding that "the region of Veneto, follows Lombardy with 87 infections, followed by Emilia Romagna with 47, Liguria has 16, and there are three cases in Piedmont, Lazio, Sicily and Marche, two in Tuscany and one in Alto Adige.

The sources said, "During the evening, news spread about the first injury in the province of Apulia (south), for a person residing in the municipality of Taranto, who was in the town of Codonio (Lombardy - North), while today the first hit appeared in Abruzzo, for a Lombardy person who is spending his vacation in a city Teramo, which is expected to be the result of a medical analysis from the Spalanzani Epidemic Hospital in Rome.

The sources pointed out that there are 128 patients receiving treatment in Spalanzani Hospital, 36 of whom are in intensive care, while 221 are subject to home stone, and three people have recovered, but the number of victims has reached 12 people so far.


The President of the Lombardy Province, Attilio Fontana, confirmed that a 4-year-old girl had been infected with the emerging coronavirus, the first infection of a minor in the country.

The agency noted that the child's condition was described as "not serious", and that her injury was recorded in the town of Castiglione Dada, in the epicenter of the outbreak (Covid-19) isolated in the northern province of the country.

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