Italian beaches that led to spread of Coronavirus ! You Must See it

Italy’s beaches are one among its best-kept secrets! Most plan their vacation around sightseeing, museums and in fact food. this is often good since such a visit are going to be unforgettable, however, I strongly feel that a minimum of each day on the beach ‘to rest up’ should be programmed into your trip to Italy!

After you dream over the subsequent Pictures, I’m sure you'll accept as true with me!

The Italian Beaches spread  :

Torre Sant Andrea, Apulia

The Torre Sant Andrea cliffs. (FEATURED within the ABOVE PICTURE). are often found within the Salento peninsula of the Apulia region in Southern Italy. The crystaline waters contrast with the white ciffs to make a magical atmosphere worth traveling to see!

Otranto, Apulia

The beautiful scene above may appear as if the Caribbean, but it's actually Italy. the gorgeous town of Otranto with its’ amazing beach is worth a visit! Otranto is found within the southern a part of the Salento peninsula in Apulia.

Capo Testa beach, Sardinia

SARDINIA is filled with amazing beaches with amazing water. it might be hard to select a favourite beach, however, this is often one among my favorite pictures! This beautiful little sailboat is anchored in Capo Testa beach, Sardinia Italy

Gallipoli, Apulia

Back to the Salento, Gallipoli is one among the foremost popular tourist areas of southern Italy. Gallipoli is legendary for its crystal clear sea, good food and therefore the gorgeo baroque architecture of its historic center.

Punta della Suina beach, Apulia

A beautiful day at the beach in Punta della Suina beach will never be forgotten! This beautiful beach is yet one more reason to go to the tip of the ‘heel’ of the boot.

Cefalu, Sicily

Cefalu should get on every tourists’ itinerary, it's somehow escaped such a fate. This makes it perfect for absorbing the sun and therefore the real local culture at an equivalent time! this is often not just another beautiful beach ahead of a picturesque little Sicilian town, it's a true treat which will form memories that last a lifetime!

Cala Luna beach, Sardinia

Cala Luna beach in Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy are some things out of a fairytale. It jsut doesn’t seem real. No need for an umbrella here, when the sun gets too hot enjoy the cool refreshing cave!

Vistit Italy’s Beaches!

As mentioned within the beginning of this text , most tourists that visit Italy are completely oblivious to the incredible beaches which will be found there. While it wouldn’t add up to travel to Italy just to take a seat on a beach, you actually should consider visiting a number of these incredible beaches in-between sightseeing. in any case what might be better than recuperating from the crowds and features of Rome than contact a pristine beach?

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