Preparing to travel to London useful information 2020

Many folks are thinking to visit any destination, for instance , London, for the primary time, many questions and inquiries are requested, the primary and most vital of which is costs, and therefore the last is that the thanks to obtain a visa because if we will afford the prices , everything is straightforward .
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Visa procedures and requirements

- Cheapest airline tickets -

The cost of living for the complete trip includes:

Hotel costs - method of transportation and costs -

Tourist tickets prices

- Food prices -

The last and most vital tourist area in London.

You are allocated from 700 riyals to 1,200 riyals, including living, transportation and entry tickets for restaurants and everything: excluding purchases of products from markets and gifts ..

^^ I feel this information for the acronym prepares to finish the intention to travel

We come to the primary part:
The first inquiries most are curious about is what proportion the balance of cash becomes until I submit the account to simply accept my visa.
Look, I put 20 thousand riyals, but:
When I asked the worker , I said what proportion less is required within the account in order that they will accept me a visa. She said: A tourist visa doesn't require the supply of a selected amount and that they don't search for it.

Steps and documents required:
Go under the office for the proper of visas in Riyadh. Receive an office that settles the procedures for the web , which is to fill the appliance , book a meeting for the fingerprint, and pay the fees for every application, and print the appliance and therefore the appointment sheet that provides you to require it with you to the embassy and fasten it to the remaining documents (mention it now).

I remember the person with 150 riyals, office fees / 450 riyals, or 500 riyals. The visa value for every person is paid online to the embassy through a visa card or someone with an ATM card that's accepted with internet .

the documents:
1- 6 months statement in English
2- Definition of working in English
3- Take the appliance and appointment paper to be printed by the office.
4- Two colored pictures of every person (according to the specifications of British embassy) once you attend the studio, my father says to British visa, and he knows the specified specifications, the foremost important of which is that your head is exposed without shemagh or his hat.
5- doesn't require any reservations, hotels, airline, insurance or anything.
6- The passport is given to them.

You attend your exact date, you give them the appointment sheet and provides you variety , and once you enter, you give the worker the appliance and therefore the refore the remainder of the documents and the passport

You can offer you a questionnaire, fill it out, then call you for smiling, and say you pay 250 pounds per visa until the procedures speed up, say no.

I have given it last month. I spent two days and got up, and you say you pay 8 riyals for fees which will bring you a message on the phone if you see the visa.

You are free, but frankly, I took it and didn't enjoy it, because I checked the afternoon, I got it, and once I started taking it, everything got late.

The second part

It is preferable to book 3 or 4 months before your travel date.

I booked on Gulf Air for 2 people 4650 riyals. Gulf Air is taken into account to possess very low tickets, and other people booked in Saudi Arabia get a reduced thing, and people who reserve Turkish tickets are all good prices. enter and stay here and see the simplest .

the third part
Hotel Prices:
You have a superb booking site
Hotels are four-star, clean, and downtown, by the river and shut to tourist places like Bugs Bin and London Eye. In summer, prices for 6 nights and 7 days on summer vacation range from 4000 riyals to 7700 riyals. And more, but I include to you the reasonable prices, and if you would like , we include the names of hotels once we don't mind, albeit the brothers have did not include in their subjects the simplest hotels ..

I traveled for 7 months next summer, about two months later.
Booked by novotel blackaffrairs 4 stars six nights at: 1010 lbs. you'll see the costs for hotels within the city centre on the map below

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