Top 5 restaurants From Paris France 2020

1: Nora Paris Restaurant

Nora Restaurant in Paris may be a Lebanese restaurant that serves various sorts of oriental Arabic food like tabbouleh, brides, pastries and kibbeh additionally to sweets and frozen dessert . it's considered the simplest Arabic restaurant in Paris and it's many branches, one among which is on the famous Champs Elysees . The restaurant features a beautiful atmosphere and stylish decoration. The staff at Nora Restaurant, the bulk of whom are Arabs.

2:Al-Ajami Restaurant Paris

Al-Ajami restaurant in Paris is distinguished by its oriental dishes, it's a Lebanese restaurant and it's characterized by steak. the costs during this restaurant are a touch high, but the food it serves is taken into account the foremost delicious and it's one among the foremost famous Arabic restaurants in Paris. The restaurant is found on a street off George V Avenue, named King Francois I Street.

3:Pasco Restaurant

One of the simplest restaurants in Paris that serves Mediterranean dishes additionally to delicious southern France meals. It provides an upscale and varied menu that has simple but delicious meals, reasonable prices and offers recipes in new ways and different flavors.

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