Top 5 tourist destinations during the fall season 2020

1- Italian Venice
Autumn is one among the foremost appropriate chapters to go to the charming witch of Venice, as you've got the chance to experience its idyllic atmosphere and luxuriate in boat trips in its waterways, faraway from the crowding the town witnesses during the summer.

Its narrow alleys and antique-style buildings take you on a journey through history to the center Ages with its charm and heritage.

2- Lizard Island
Tourism experts advise heading to the island of Lizard within the autumn days, where the white sandy beaches, for those that want to beat the weather .

Visitors can enjoy several distinct activities, like camping in Winson Bay, or study the foremost important coral barriers within the world and dive into the depths of its clear waters.

3- Cuba
Fall is your chance to start an adventurous journey of discovery, and Latin America is that the perfect destination for that.

Cuba is blessed variety of islands, natural reserves, and health resorts like the coastal city of "Varadero". it's also rich in archaeological sites and multiple museums, as is that the case in "Havana". Touring its alleys and getting on the brink of the local population is in itself a definite experience, due to its social cohesion and cohesion in its society. .

4- France
Each season is suitable for visiting the Paris , Paris, but within the fall, the town will embrace you and take you on a magical experience inside its streets covered with yellow leaves and help its museums to enjoys its ancient history and art .

Not only visit Paris, but wander around its famous countryside and picturesque beaches, to enjoy the sensation of peace that nature provides you with.

5- Greece
Its Mediterranean climate makes it one among the foremost distinguished destinations throughout the year, especially Santorini Island. it's also at an equivalent time the smallest amount expensive European destination, and therefore the prices of hotels and resorts in it fall during the autumn season.

And between the stunning views of the Mediterranean , its distinctive archaeological sites and therefore the palaces of Athens, you'll make sure that the autumn season is enriched with a particular vibrant atmosphere.

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